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    The Chance To Dance Again

    by Michael Keller

    We highlighted the TED talk of Hugh Herr a couple of weeks ago. But his work is too important and beautiful to leave to just one post.

    The MIT associate professor of media arts and sciences is making prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons that restore function in those who have lost legs from injury or disease. This set of gifs focuses on his team’s BiOM powered ankle and foot prosthesis

    "Bionics is not only about making people stronger and faster," he said during the talk. "Our expression, our humanity can be embedded into electromechanics."

    To prove his point, Herr and fellow researchers studied dance movement to replace the lower leg that professional dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost after last year’s Boston marathon bombing. He concluded his talk by bringing Haslet-Davis on the stage to perform a bionic rumba. 

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    Tumblr Artist Tiffany SinghRichard Orjis: Dreams of other worlds, 2014 

    Dreams Of Other Worlds is a new collaborative work by Orjis and Singh speaking of serenity and escape, focused on the pleasure of making. On show at We Are But Dust & Shadow  this work speaks of the mindfulness of repetition & is echoed in a collaboration with nature and the culture of the bees. As the work positions itself to reflect the words of D.K Suzuki from the book Into The light Of Things, ”To be satisfied with a little hut, a room of two or three tatami mats, like the log cabin of Thoreau”.

    Melanie Roger Gallery \ 9th April - 3rd May


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    Jeongmoon Choi  (Berlin) Puls, 2013

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    Engineering company Festo is creating robots based on nature

    German engineering firm Festo is creating a robot army. Sounds scary, right? But there’s no need to fear a “Skynet”-type apocalypse quite yet, because these robots want to do good by making laborious tasks easier in the factories of the future. And they’re using nature as their inspiration.

    Festo summarizes the motivation behind their research on their website: “Gripping, moving, controlling and measuring – nature performs all of these tasks instinctively, easily and efficiently. What could be more logical than to examine these natural phenomena and learn from them?”

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    Study in Bird Motion by Joyce Lin

    Artist: Behance

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    Building blocks: how Project Ara is reinventing the smartphone
    A handful of Google engineers and designers are building a phone the DARPA way

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