1. Steve Mann, who the article mentions has been using wearable technology for 34 years was assaulted at a McDonald’s in France for his augmented reality head piece. 

    I wouldn’t call it the first attack against wearable tech. Every heard the term “four eyes?” But it does raise a lot of questions about our global society is going to respond against people with no physical deficiency that choose to augment or some may even say “enhance” their human  experience. 

    What do you think?

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    Steve Mann is one of my heroes
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    futurist-foresight: McCyberluddites? Or more accurately, McTechnophobes? cyberpunknoise: Steve Mann, who the article...
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    I don’t see how assaulting a Man like this in front of his family is any different than attacking someone because you...
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    Oh come on, it’s right in the first fucking paragraph.
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    First off, Steve Mann is a Canadian Professor who was visiting and assaulted in Paris, France. I only correct that...
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    This makes me really want to read the book Amped.
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